Oakley Design Press Release 1

Oakley Design.eu - Press Release January 2010
Following the success of their widely acclaimed 997 GT3 & GT2 conversions, Oakley Design.eu now proudly presents its Panamera Turbo Carbon Edition. Production will be limited to just 10 cars, each bearing a unique build number plaque.

Outside of this Limited Edition model, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package.
The aerodynamic components are made from carbon-fibre, starting with a lip spoiler with a prominent centre splitter section that further reduces lift over the front axle. More contoured side sills smoothen out airflow along the car’s flanks.

The deeper rear valance incorporates an under body diffuser that cleans up airflow exiting from below the rear floor area, contributing to lower drag, enhanced stability and a slightly higher top speed. These wind tunnel developed aerodynamic components are direct replacements for the standard items, and attach to factory mounting points.
The original electronically-controlled rear spoiler remains unchanged in function, but receives a carbon-fibre cover to match its aesthetics to the front spoiler lip and roof panel. Its operating software is re-mapped to tailor activation speed to the level of engine tune.

As with previous Oakley Design.eu models, the roof receives a complete carbon-fibre panel. This visually complements the glass area, reducing the perceived mass of the car, but does not affect operation of the factory sunroof.
The factory exhaust is replaced by a complete new titanium system that boosts engine output through lower back pressure, and removes over 40kg of excess baggage from the rear end of the car. Each of the four polished exit pipes displays the laser cut Oakley Design.eu logo.
After testing larger diameter wheels, Jon Oakley decided to stick with the same 20-inch wheel size offered as the largest factory option. But his quest for better dynamic performance results in an unsprung weight reduction of 35kg through use of the ultra-light Oakley Design.eu/Dymag magnesium alloy/carbon-fibre wheels.
While a small offset change generates a wider footprint to improve handling, ride quality and steering response also benefit from this significant unsprung weight reduction. Finally, a bespoke plug and play ECU reduces ride height by 25mm, and firms up the suspensions bounce and rebound rates.
Engine tuning levels will start at 580bhp for a simple remap and exhaust upgrade, but the target is 680bhp for the ultimate engine conversion.

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