Supercup Qualifying Bahrian

Supercup Qualifying Bahrian 17th & 19th in qualifying for Edwards in Bahrain 31 <p>Damage Limitation for Edwards</p><p>In addition to feeling unwell Seans fastest lap in qualifying would be nulled following a green sector under a yellow flag in Friday&#39;s free practice meaning that Seans 2nd and 3rd fastest laps would count for Saturday&#39;s and Sunday&#39;s grid positions.</p><p>Sean commented &quot;Quali wasn&#39;t good; having my fastest time taken away was really bad! Saleens held me up really badly for 2 laps on my first tyre run, so it was effectively over... So my second tyre run I could only do two laps, a 5.1 and a 5.5. The 5.1 was taken away because of yesterday, so I was left with a 5.5 for my first race and a 6.0 for the second, hence p17 and p19. I should have been P10 and P11 normally, even with Saleens getting in my way. On pace I could have been in the top 6, but the qualifying will come with experience.&quot;</p><p>&#160;</p>
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