Porsche Supercup 2008 Round 1 Bahrain

Porsche Supercup 2008 Round 1 Bahrain Edwards 13th in Round 1 of the Porsche Supercup in Bahrain 31 <h1>Edwards manages an excellent 13th in Round 1</h1><p>Sean Edwards made amends for qualifying lower than he hoped by having a fantastic round 1 race.</p><p>A hot Sean Edwards commented: &quot;The race was always going to be hard as qualifying is so important. My first standing start in 3 years and I got a good one and went from p17 to p11 on lap 1!! On lap 2 I ran slightly wide and Zanpedri got to the outside for the quick right hander, I didn&#39;t yield and he turned in, hit him quite hard and he went sideways off the track. The problem was I damaged the suspension and damper and the steering wheel was off at an angle, so for the rest of the race I had a huge amount of turn in oversteer. It was really hard to pass people, but I got 13th in the end - which is pretty good anyway!&quot;</p><p>Start P19 tomorrow, so again going to be hard work, but I am looking forward to it, mega racing in this championship!</p><p>&#160;</p><p>Sean Edwards on round one: <a href="http://www.racecam.de/files/d6ab6d08b1a0d86c353e4ab41c9361d647f75c65e3738_edwards.mp3">Edwards Round 1 Interview</a></p>
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