380mm High Performance Brake Kit - 19inch wheel

The 380mm brake kit provides incredible braking performance. The Oakley Design by Brembo brake caliper offers a significant total weight saving over conventional brake calipers.

-Weighing a mere 2.5kg each the substantial reduction in corner weight aids the handling of your vehicle.

In addition to enhancing performance and fuel economy, this huge reduction in both unsprung weight and rotating masses offers major benefits in terms of comfort and road holding. Apart from your cars wheels tyres and seats, the suspension is the prime mechanism that separates you from the road.

-Light Weight Six Piston Calipers
-Caliper is hard anodized to increase strength inside and out
-Brake pistons are installed with high temperature dust seals for ultimate long term reliability and protection.
-380mm grooved disc
-High and consistent levels of friction under braking
-Brembo/Pagid spec pad

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