Wheel Sets

Oakley Design Carbon Fibre & Magnesium wheels were developed to achieve new standards of performance by achieving very low wheel weights and moments of inertia whilst retaining great strength and rigidity with the flexibility needed for both road and track use.

Consider that a standard Porsche GT3 RS 19 Inch wheel weighs about 14kg, the Oakley Design Carbon/Magnesium equivalent weighs around 7.5kg saving about 25kg per car.


-Improved acceleration
-Improved braking, reduced stopping distance
-Lighter, sharper steering, gives better feel and more responsive handling
-Allows for softer damper settings giving more tyre contact & therefore better grip
-Tyre temperatures and pressures are more stable
-Improved wheel & tire balancing
-Fuel consumption reduces
-Centres can be colour coded to the vehicle for added impact
-Stunning looks!
-Suitable for both road and track use

The carbon fibre & magnesium wheel is the wheel of choice on our 997 GT3 Cup Racing Car.

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