Carbon Fibre Exhaust Surround

Exhausts Exhausts Carbon Fibre Exhaust Surround 992 <p> In order to provide the ultimate look, attention must be paid to the individual touches.</p> <p> Benefits:</p> <p> -Provides extra rear bumper heat protection<br /> -Adds style to the rear of the car<br /> -Direct replacement part</p> <p> Manufactured in the UK.</p>
998/ee6ea6d686b06997739b77605263d9cf.JPG 998/f6a5717c531cda297b522e1544a6681d.JPG 998/6f6947709a78464610ce2c43472a2a6d.JPG 998/f4c48b70d3f2924dc546b41e26fcc9cb.JPG True True True porsche-997-gt3-rs-gen-2/exhaust-surround False

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