Carbon Fibre Roll Cage Anti Splinter Protected

Innovation; the creation of something in the mind; the introduction of a new device, method or process resulting from study and experimentation.

Oakley Designs Carbon Fibre Roll Cage is testament to this. The first carbon fibre roll cage in the world.

Whilst carbon fibre roll hoops have been employed in F1, A1 GP and GP2 etc. this is the first time we have seen a complete roll cage made from carbon fibre.

-Patented anti splinter technology - ensures it won't shatter/splinter as per conventional carbon fibre
-FIA Approval (under development/test with FIA for 2009)
-TUV Approved
-75% lighter than steel cages and 60% lighter than a T45 cage
-Aerospace FEA software is used to analyse every layer of the structure, providing a guaranteed level of strength and quality throughout the product
-Easy instillation
-Weld or bolt in mounting fixtures
-The bonding technology we employ enables single beams to be replaced in the event of damage in an accident
-High Gloss Finish
-Different coloured Carbon weaves available
-Available in rear section only or complete motorsport cage

Laser beam technology is used to give cure CFRP the final shape before final assembly. This eliminates wear and tear of tooling, maintaining accuracy and produces no carcinogenic dust which is evident through milling producing a high quality product.

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