Thuis Wins at Nurburgring

Thuis Wins at Nurburgring Dutch Supercar Round 1 - First Race, First Win for Oakley Racing 31 <h1>Oakley&#39;s Cup Car Programme Rewards as Thuis Wins at Nurburgring</h1><p><strong>Henk Thuis has won the first race of the 2008 Dutch Supercar Championship in the hands of the Oakley Design / Intrax entered Porsche 997 Cup.</strong></p><p><strong>Starting from the back of the grid &lsquo;Mr Intrax&rsquo; drove to profit in the Super Sport I class. &ldquo;The new car and the team were both brilliant&#39;&#39; said an estatic Henk Thuis, who saw the first race (Saturday) being cancelled because of dense fog.</strong></p><p>Last year Henk Thuis finished fourth in the championship in Super Sport I in which he then drove a BMW GTR V8. &ldquo;In 2007, I learned a lot, I understand now, how the supercar game is played &#39;&#39;, tells Henk. &ldquo;Together with my experience, knowledge and the strength of my new carriage the Porsche 997 GT3; I certainly make a good chance winning the championship&rdquo;.</p><h3>Qualification</h3><p>The possibility for winning the title, seemed during the qualifying far away. &ldquo;I had some technical problems&rdquo; explains Henk. &ldquo;The vibrations in the car were quite bad so I had to stop on the side of the track&rdquo;. This meant that Henk had to start from 26th position, whereas other Super Sport 1-drivers such as Duncan Huisman (pole-position) and the duo Vries/Dijkstra (second) could start from the front.<br />&ldquo;If you consider this, that the race would only last for forty minutes instead of the planned sixty minutes, I didn&rsquo;t think I would have enough time to really drive forward&rdquo;.</p><h3>Good Car and Tactics</h3><p>Together with his Intrax-team Henk Thuis had a very well prepared car and a good tactic outlined. &ldquo;I wanted to save my tires on the first half of the race, which meant I would have enough rubber for the second half of the race&rdquo; explained Henk. The tactic worked fantastically well, Henk working himself steadily forward the positions. &ldquo;However I also had a bit of luck that the fast Duncan Huisman got a puncture&rdquo;.</p><h3>Exciting Finish</h3><p>Near the end of the race, Henk then lying second, located leading Siebrand Dijkstra. As Henk was closing on Dijkstra, there was a back marker who decided to join their battle for first place which was considerably unpleasant. Still just before the finish it was possible for Henk to finish in front of Dijkstra. &ldquo;He left a little space, where I could just squeeze past, there was light touch during my overtaking manouvere but there was no damage caused&rdquo;.</p><h3>Beautiful Triumph</h3><p>Henk Thuis was of course thrilled with this unexpected triumph. After the podium the winner distributed the necessary compliments. &ldquo;I must say that Dunlop really delivered fantastic tires&#39;&#39;, tells Henk, &ldquo;but also the braking system of Pagid, as well as the Oakley Design performance parts worked very well. But above all my team of Intrax provided super work. Because not only I had a perfect car to drive, behind me as second finished Vries/Dijkstra and Cor Euser who won the GT-Race were provided with Intrax racing suspensions. Besides the fantastic triumph for me, it was also, from a business point of view a very good day on the N&uuml;rburgring &#39;&#39;, thus very satisfied Henk Thuis</p>
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