Oakley Design New Partnership Press Release May 2012

Following international acclaim for our finely honed Lamborghini LP700-LP760, Ferrari 458, Porsche GT2, GT3 and Panamera conversions, Oakley Design is now proud to announce a new business Partnership with Refined–Marques.

Located at the boarder between Cannes and Monaco Refined-Marques specialises in the supply of high performance vehicles, rare exotic and limited edition supercars. With the demand for tuning parts increasing every month and the successful sales of limited edition vehicles like the LP760, Oakley Design needed to choose a partner for a reliable supply of vehicles without the need to be placed on a manufacture waiting list.

At the same time Refined-Marques were looking for a very high quality aftermarket parts supplier as they were also seeing a demand in one off and bespoke vehicles that could be tailored to the final customers requirements. With Oakley Design working from a purpose built Carbon Composite suite, dyno and wind tunnel facilities close to hand and one of the best test and development backgrounds in the business a joint venture was always going to happen.

Refined- Marques and Oakley Design are now able to offer from stock a very exclusive range of vehicles, that can be purchased either with or without bespoke products and shipped to any location in the world completely hassle free and with one point of contact.

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