GT3 Cup S Conversion

Oakley Design 997 GT3 'Cup S' Conversion

Oakley Design are to offer customers a GT3 'Cup S' performance package for road variants of the 997 GT3.

The conversion is a simple modification which features:

Additional Option:

By raising the exhaust system as per the new 997 'Cup S' race car from Porsche the conversion allows fitment of a rear carbon fibre diffuser; designed by CFD and optimised in the wind tunnel. Oakley Designs diffuser smoothes out air under the engine area and therefore speeds up the airflow under the length of the car. This creates a large increase in down force with no expense to drag.

The Oakley Design 'Supercup' RSR style exhaust system is produced 100% from aerospace specification titanium.

The system features headers, cats and muffler with RSR race car style exit pipes. The system records a static 98bD making it ideal for all track noise limits. The complete system weighs in at just 16kgs compared to the 48kg factory system - a huge 32kgs weight saving.


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